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Citytours about life on the streets.

Guided by (ex-) homeless / (ex-) drug addicts.


Utrecht Underground offers you a citytour you won't forget. A citytour about the tough life of the homeless and the drug addicts on the streets of Utrecht. Told and shown by the poeple who been there and have seen it all.

Utrecht Underground allready has 8 cityguides that changed their dark past into a respectfull job which provides them self esteem, money and a healthy structure during the day.

No malicious delight, no looking at junkies. We create a new perspective on homeless and drug addicts, during a positive citytour, based on a true personal story with a good sense of humor.

Utrecht Underground aint no tourist company, Utrecht Underground is a non-profit, self-sufficient project that creates possibilities for the people we care about.

Participant responses

Maria on Apr 22 2015:

Greetings from Vienna

Last weekend I`ve been in Utrecht and was invited to do the "different" city tour. Marcel showed us this different side and we had some talks about his life, about his girlfriend who past away three days before our, it was heartbreaking for us. Dear Marcel, your are such an intelligent and well-read person, so please, stay clean, take care of your room and of your life - you have 4 children and they`re for sure worth to keep on living. Best wishes from Austria

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